Best In Show

Look at my tigerfruit! I’ve spent all summer growing this beast and look at it. Almost as big as I am! I just hope it tastes nice…

We have farmer’s markets around this time of year, and I’m hoping to enter this into the Specialty section. It might not be too well received, given that human-folk can’t eat tigerfruit – they don’t appreciate its sharp taste and peppery flesh. Or the crunchy seeds. Or the tough skin. Or the smell. But they can at least appreciate the effort I put in, even if it was not for them and hey, even if they don’t like it, all the more for me, I guess.

There’s a whole tree of them in the garden, but much smaller, so I’m gonna make jams and preserves and pickles and dried chews and everything I can think of. It’s good for my scales!

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