Field Research

Where did I put them… hmm…

I buried some crystals around here a few months ago, so they didn’t bother anyone. They were enchanted with a muffling spell, gobbling up all noise in a small radius – handy for sleeping in the day, or in busy places, but a bit irritating to keep around the workshop. But now… I have no idea where I put them.

With all this new grass and moss and clover and buttercups, I can’t even find a trace of the scent. I purposefully put lavender in the box with them, too. The only real choice I have is to hum my way around the field until I cannot hear myself anymore, rumbling at the grass like a very odd sort… and that horse in the next field is already chuckling at me.

The sooner I find these gems, the sooner I can block out his smug whinnies.

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