Sky High

There’s nothing better than a gentle soar through the high white clouds… now that I’m used to it, anyway, yip. When I was a pup and Willow was first practicing, it wasn’t so relaxing.

Oh, we crashed into all kinds of places, yip. We got stuck in trees and on rooftops, we got whirled away by winds and flung over wide plains, we even got stuck in a chimney. You can’t just get on a broom and expect it to go, you know, yip? You gotta know how to ride the air currents, yip, as you would ride the currents of a river. Do you sail downstream without oars or watercraft to shape your journey? Nope, or at least I’d hope not, yip. So you gotta learn to read the sky and ride the safest paths, with a little bit of weathercraft to help.

Until then, keep your helmet and knee pads on and hope for the best, yip!

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