This is a lot of books for one semester of school.

The folks without magic think that magic is easy, and it’s not. Nature may give you a piece of herself so you may work the magic, but you still have to study it and make it. It’s tiring both mentally and physically, with over a decade of studying uncountable topics before you can consider yourself adept, but still they cry, “Oh you’re so gifted, so lucky.”

Gifted and lucky that we got the chance, sure, many folks never get that opportunity. But the skill only comes from the work already done. We still have a long way to go, and it’s encouraging to look ahead and see what others have achieved, but it’s also daunting to consider how much work there is ahead.

Thankfully I’m a cat and don’t have to read this stuff, but my mage… she’s already overwhelmed. At least I can be a cuddly comfort for her.

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