Healing Sleep

The wild dragons mostly keep to themselves, neither friend nor foe to the world of men-kind. When need arises, however, it is not unheard of for dragons to seek the aid of mages and healers, as some ailments need a little more attention and learning.

This sleepy pup has a fever and has slept for days. The mother brought it, visibly concerned, but she need not be – it is a natural but uncommon method of healing in some small pups. It would wake up on its own in a few days, but to be extra sure we shall call upon a few things: blightweed, for the mother to burn, for its smoke will help rouse the pup; a healing paste to be rubbed thinly in the pup’s gums; and a warm bath in salts and herbs, to cleanse anything from the skin. We shall check on it again in three days, when we shall expect to see it groggy but awake, and probably quite hungry.

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