Things To Do

Running little errands is great fun. I get to wander into town on my own and see loads of people, all the grown ups and kids too young for school or apprenticeships, magical or otherwise. Today I’ve got to go to the herbalist for some scrubweed, teawax and faerie cider, then to the chemist for some pinewash and a bar of oakensoap, and then to the general store for some sugar, an onion, some cloves and the newest copy of Mage Monthly.

It’s not on my list today, but if I go to the bakery the baker’s daughter give me one of the little cheesy bean pies, ‘cos she thinks I’m cute. And you know what? She’s right.

Ooh, but I can pick a snack of my choice today, and I’m thinking… Bakewell tart.

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