Recommended Daily Intake

I know, I know, I can’t be trusted around firefruit syrup… but I just like it so much, okay, what can I say? There’s not much that is sweeter in the world… or more slippery. So this may be the third bottle I’ve spilled this week, so what? It’s not my fault the bottle don’t have convenient dragon paw handles. Which they should do, really, given that it’s mostly for dragons. Surely I should be able to get it myself.

You say I can’t be trusted to not be a greedy sugartooth? You think wrong, I only drink one bottle a day, I’m a very good boy!

Wait, what do you mean it’s bad for me? How can it be, it comes from fruit! Fruit is good! How can fruit be bad? It’s one of my daily fruit portions, my friend Pyre told me so. Healthy. Full of… health.

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