Secret Place

Our little school is a great place, I’ll give them that, but we need our alone time too. No matter how quiet and calm the other kids are, the peace of the woods can’t be beat. And our secret spot right here is where we let off steam. We don’t have much steam to vent, … Continue reading Secret Place


I’m not a familiar, nope, not me. It looks a fine thing, but I’m a creature of the air, with wings made to travel far, far, far. To be joined with a mage would be to split me in two, and for some that is something they could love and manage, but I’ve gotta be … Continue reading Unbound

Best In Show

Look at my tigerfruit! I’ve spent all summer growing this beast and look at it. Almost as big as I am! I just hope it tastes nice... We have farmer’s markets around this time of year, and I’m hoping to enter this into the Specialty section. It might not be too well received, given that … Continue reading Best In Show

Old Roots

Deep in the old woods, the woods that have grown and thrived for far longer than history can recall, you might find the glowing villages in the roots of towering trees. Oaks, elms, yews and more grow rampant in the magic of the old world, passing far beyond their common scale. Many kinds of folk … Continue reading Old Roots

To Swampmoss Cave

I think isss funny. We isss librariansss, we read many many books, but we can’t quite read a map. We’re tryna get to the Swampmoss Caves. They sssay there’s some big mysssstery in there, hidden behind a word puzzzzzzle, but no-one hasss figured it out. We know wordsss, we’ll give it a shhhot! But wordsss … Continue reading To Swampmoss Cave

No Answers

The huge ocean spirits travel with the seasons, rarely coming near the shore. Only magical folk can see them, and even then only in certain conditions. For a long time they were considered ill omens, said to bring curses upon sailors who saw them. We know better, nowadays. What they do is a mystery, but … Continue reading No Answers

Field Research

Where did I put them... hmm... I buried some crystals around here a few months ago, so they didn’t bother anyone. They were enchanted with a muffling spell, gobbling up all noise in a small radius - handy for sleeping in the day, or in busy places, but a bit irritating to keep around the … Continue reading Field Research

Wash Up

We found a young river troll! Ain’t he cute? There have been some big storms recently, and the river burst it banks for miles across these flatlands. We found this little guy a good mile or so from the river, wandering in the rain on his own. When the rains stop and the water drops … Continue reading Wash Up


They called him Bigpig but I didn’t think they meant it so... literally. When we first saw him we were pretty scared, I’ll admit. But he’s a big softy really, behind all those bristles and tusks. Apparently he was a real boar, a regular ol’ animal who chose to fight away the encroaching elves - … Continue reading Bigpig