Bee Rezponzible

Hello! Over here! Izz me, little Queenie! Itzzz a lovely day, will you join me in the garden? Don’t worry, I don’t zting, iz wazpz that do that, not beezzzzz.

It hurtz a bee to zting. Which is like a lot of thingzzz – you have to make a trade. Perhapzzz zometimez we need to zting, to defend ourzelvez, or our hivez. But we can’t juzt ztab any old thing with our danger buttz, or it might be the lazt thing we do. We only zting az a lazt rezort, zo pleaze don’t hit uzzz with a zshoe.

Inztead, let uzz enjoy zome zweetz and tea together. Zome of the wizzzardz turned thizz into a wild meadow, izzzzn’t it lovely?

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