That’s The Key

I ain’t got magic, I can’t give it to ya. And no, you ain’t the first to ask me that – I’m not some magical wishing cat, I’m a familiar, and that is all. Where my powers end and my mages’s begin is another thing, too complicated to explain.

Look, I think we all has magic in us somewhere. Wands ain’t the source of it, they’re like a key, right? And when you find your key, or Nature or one of her spirits gives you a key, then you can open the door to your magic, right? It’s not easy, no-one ever said it was, but this stuff don’t come free.

Familiars help, that’s all. We see and hear and smell and understand things that human brains don’t, and same for selkies and Pukas and dwarves. But you gotta listen, and be willing to learn, as ain’t no secret formula to it, only graft and patience and an open mind.

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