Firefern Woods

Lost? No, not in Firefern Woods. None lose their way in there.

The trees are knotted and the paths swamped in moss and ferns, so one may well find themselves astray. Look between the trees and you will see statues, soft things with simple faces. Ask them nicely to show you the way, and lead they will, with lights or sounds or wind through the boughs.

As night sets in, the keeper of Firefern might come to those in need. The lantern it carries never goes out, but do not try to take it – it is the heart of the spirit, it’s very essence. Touch it once, an innocent mistake. Touch it twice at your peril.

Some believe the statues are travellers who tried to steal the light, and were sealed in the woodlands as a punishment. As such a transformation has never been witnessed, it’s impossible to verify such a claim.

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