Fae Gates

Beware the lure of the fae. Their world is not for the people of the common world, but its warmth and mystery has pulled many a weary traveller inside.

Fae gates are simply links for the fae to traverse, not devised to ensnare humans or dwarves or the like, but the deep, old magic that powers them seems to pull them in like moths to flame. Once inside, it’s hard for trespassers to find their way back, for the shifting magic alters time and space in a way that only fae can navigate with certainty. Few rarely find their way out, but not out of the fae’s malice – those rare who return to the common world often speak of others living quiet but lonely lives in the lush forests, locked in a state of contentment, but haunted by an awareness of their old world, fading from their memories.

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