New Friends

When my mage told me she and her husband were going to have a baby, I was afraid. Happy for them, of course, but afraid, too, that I would be this big scary monster in the eyes of a young child. Some adults are terrified of me, whatever was an infant to think?

Well, apparently, in the wide, staring peepers of little Emily, I am the best thing ever. Her first word was “daggon.” Her second word was “draggy.” I’ve been the focus of many an interesting art piece, and the head of many a Dragon Meeting, where we discuss numerous things about dragons with my softer, more fibrous kin, Gooseberry and Splash.

Today we’re holding a gala (a dragon gala, of course) in the garden, to which all the local dragons, soft or scaly, have been invited. Would you like to join us?

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