First impressions are hard, for sure. I remember when I first met Jared’s parents, a year or so ago – I’d found Jared a few months prior, when I was a lanky juvenile lion, but by the time school ended for the year and I went home with him, I had a glorious mane, mighty paws, and teeth to be reckoned with. And Jared, being the prankster that he is, decided to tell his parents about his new “kitty.”

Well, he wasn’t wrong, but he wasn’t right, either. It took quite some convincing on Jared’s part to calm his parents down. I, meanwhile, could only sit politely and wait for the storm to settle.

And settle it did, and now I am just a big kitty to all the family. So many treats and pets and cuddles… I’m lucky it worked out so well in the end.

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