Opposites Attract

I was a bit scared of Dinky, at first. I’d never seen an elephant before. They come from far away, usually, but Dinky and her mage have come to our school for a while. And I’m very glad they did, because now we’re best buds.

I think elephants are like reverse dragons, you know? I breath fire, she can douse me in water. My horns grow back off my head, her tusks grow forward. I’m fire and air and speed, while she’s water and earth and patience. And wow, her roar can easily match even the full-grown dragons here!

We’re gonna have the best summer together, and I know it’ll be hard when she has to go home, but our mages have already agreed to meet up again when we leave school. I should be able to fly properly by then, and maybe then the world won’t seem so big and strange.

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