We used to think Emra was kinda scary… she’s Master Cardoc’s familiar, a full-grown dragon who strolls around the grounds and mostly keeps to herself. The dragon pups always kept well away from her, so a sort of unspoken notion found its way into all our heads: she was not to be trifled with.

How wrong we were. While she may bare her fangs at any unwanted wanderers that try to enter school property (mostly fauns trying to steal gems and potions) she barely raises her voice to the students, rumbling like the softest echoes of far-away thunder. If it’s raining, she’ll shelter students under her wings, and when it’s too hot, she’ll provide some much welcome shade. She rarely speaks but likes to listen, and will blush amusingly if presented with bundles of wildflowers.

I wonder if she misses student life, here?

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