A Little Goes A Long Way

Holly was one of only three students able to brew their potion on time, and I’ve had to fight off seven other familiars this morning. The bottle was almost snatched out of my paws a few moments ago by a crow, but thankfully my claws caught on the string.

I see that many of the other students are upset with their unsuccessful efforts, and we offered to help when the project first started, but they’ve had months to work on this potion. A few minutes each night – a few seconds, some nights – and ours was done on time without fuss. Sure, it stank a little and we had to keep it in a cupboard for the most part, but it’s over now and we can clean that gross pot out.

How in the world is Billy’s potion so red? I daren’t even ask. Susan’s is ink black, that’s even more alarming…

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