Wash Up

Shortly after I was born, a wave swept me out to sea, away from my mamma. When I washed up on the sand again, I was on another beach. Peter found me while he searched for shells, put me in his bucket, and carried me back to my mamma.

Although we bonded on the way, I gotta stay on the beach for now. I’m too little to go with him to the school. Peter comes every day to play, and I ride in his bucket again, and I find him the best shells. My mamma likes him too, she brings him his own fish. We sit by a campfire on the beach, and other seals gather around, and sometimes the seals are selkies, and sometimes other young mages and familiars come, too. Fish are grilled, songs are sung, and the nights drag on until the grown-ups come to call the children away.

I think a spirit swept me away that day, washing me to Peter’s side.

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