Fir Foxes

If you ever hear soft feet in the woods, and the sudden rustle of leaves or pines, your journey may have caught the attention of fir foxes. These adorable little creatures are often heard but not seen, as they’re effective at hiding in pine forests and deep foliage, but you’ll not miss one if it shows itself.

They’re very delicate and observant creatures. Some bolder individuals will lead you out of the forest, or to wherever you want to be. If you’re lost and camp overnight, you may find berries and fruits left outside your tent. If you sing or hum, they may join in with soft voices.

They’re fun to watch and comforting to have around, but don’t ever try to pet them – their sharp teeth have left many well-intended hands with clear scars. They also have a magic of their own, summoning winds and roots to drive away any danger.

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