Seeds Of Inspiration

Crystal balls don’t always show the future, or even the present. Sometimes, they show what lurks in our own minds. If we look hard enough into the mists of our own imaginations, we can find our biggest fears, regrets, desires…

Do you know what I found? I found a seed.

The seed of a story, still a small sapling, but I can barely imagine the huge, life-filled tree it will become one day. The tree grows in my mind without my prompting, each day sprouting a new branch, a soft leaf, a twirl of thin root. All I can do is watch, and prune the tree into the best, healthiest tree that it can be.

It might have knobbly bits or bare patches, but I am no gardener. I’ll do my best and write my story. Maybe no-one will like it, but what does that matter? It’s mine. And the joy is in the making, not just the final tale.

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