Oh, a pigsie! How cute! I haven’t seen one for years, I thought they’d moved away from here.

Don’t you remember? You’re maybe too young… about a decade ago it became very popular to keep them as pets, even though they’re not really even animals. Turns out, keeping fae-folk, no matter how cute, locked indoors for small children to play with was not the best idea… Several “tricks” on the pigsies’ part soon stopped the trend.

Oh, it was mostly nothing serious. They’d stop all the clocks in the house, or hide all the spoons, or sprinkle some of their sleep powder into unattended drinks. Some children were turned invisible or into actual pigs, but not for long, and the kids mostly enjoyed it. The parents, not so much.

Though many pigsies were released, its unusual to see them around here now… It would be nice if they felt safe enough to come back.

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