Home For Lunch

When weekends come around, we take it in turns to visit our families. Last week we went to Chloe’s for lunch, this week it’s time to see my mama and younger siblings. Papa and my older sister are often out hunting, but we might see them later. It was hard to leave them behind, but … Continue reading Home For Lunch

New Friends

When my mage told me she and her husband were going to have a baby, I was afraid. Happy for them, of course, but afraid, too, that I would be this big scary monster in the eyes of a young child. Some adults are terrified of me, whatever was an infant to think? Well, apparently, … Continue reading New Friends


First impressions are hard, for sure. I remember when I first met Jared’s parents, a year or so ago - I’d found Jared a few months prior, when I was a lanky juvenile lion, but by the time school ended for the year and I went home with him, I had a glorious mane, mighty … Continue reading Kitty

Shirley Steelheart

Shirley Steelheart, they call her. Bravest battle mage this side of the Silken Sea. Sure, she’s a little shaky these days, but she can still send you flying with a quick fireball. It’s her fiery soul, I say. Few ever truly master firecraft, but it always came naturally to her. Surprising, really, that a gryphon … Continue reading Shirley Steelheart

Sweet Tooth

Like most babies, dragon pups love sweet things. Adult dragons tend to lose their fondness of sugary treats in favour of spicy foods, but the infants will protest and complain about savoury dishes, especially in their first year. Fruit is the best thing to feed them to satisfy their cravings. Of course they prefer cakes … Continue reading Sweet Tooth


Faces in the trees are not uncommon, if you’re keen-eyed. Sometimes it’s a spirit, sometimes it’s a faerie, and sometimes it’s a barkwyrm. Nobody knows how many barkwyrms there are. At times their numbers seem low, at others, they can be counted multiple to a single tree. Babies often hide as logs in the leaf … Continue reading Barkwyrms


The swamps are a great place to look for dodgewings and twilight midges, but you gotta be prepared to get your feet wet, you know? Don’t worry about taking that plunge, just come on in and enjoy the cool. Mind for the little crocs, of course, but come on in. Some folks think I’m like... … Continue reading Comfortable

Old Marco

Old Marco and his birds... so many birds. And they’re all his familiars. Yes, it’s possible to have more than one. And it doesn’t mean the bond between them all is lessened. The result is usually a strange family group, sometimes a little chaotic, but also full of joy. This many familiars is quite an … Continue reading Old Marco