Sea drakes take numerous forms, but the most commonly seen is the tidewinder. Although they only stand as tall as a typical hunting hound, these drakes can grow to substantial lengths. By winding across the sands as their forelimbs gallop, they can reach incredible speeds, allowing them to both catch prey and dive into the … Continue reading Tidewinders

Clear Thoughts

Calm. Calm. Clear your mind... let your thoughts flow unburde- mmm these flowers smell like that garden we walked past, on the way to the beach last summer. So nice. Then on the beach I caught so many little fish in the tide pools, my stomach stuck our for days, I couldn’t eat any- No, … Continue reading Clear Thoughts


Are you going to the walled garden? Please keep an eye out for Arthur, he’s a bit of a troublemaker. You’ll know him when you see him; he’s a little plant spirit that grew in the rockery. Pretty cute, actually, but he takes great pleasure in pranks. He ties shoe laces together, or pulls them … Continue reading Arthur

Garden Barter

It’s cool, isn’t it? You sing a song and whoosh! A plant! The work of a few seasons passes in a few short verses. Incredible. Why not sing all plants like this? Why not make all the world’s food and fibres from quick songs and soft magic? Because it is always a trade. Your energy … Continue reading Garden Barter


I’ve heard of runner beans, but this is ridiculous. You can’t turn your back on the rootbarbs for a second or they’re off, running for the hills. I know it seems cruel to pot them in, but the babies like these are eaten by just about everything, left to the wild. The adults are more … Continue reading Rootbarbs

Highgrim Woods

“Lost, are we?” My three day journey through Highgrim Woods has remained utterly silent thus far. The voice near jolts me from my skin; I look around, but the path I walk remains mine alone. “Up here.” I gaze upwards into the dark trees. Amber eyes shine back between the dancing leaves. A mischief shines … Continue reading Highgrim Woods


Rhymewood’s spirit is more tree than doe. She guards the glowing pools deep in the heart of the forest, which shine as if bathed in the light of the setting sun. Rarely moving, she merely stares. If approached, she may drift an eye sideways to study you, but little truly distracts her. You may request … Continue reading Rhymewood

Mysterious Trials

The spirit of the Eastern Peaks is... a character. His echoing laugh is said to carry for miles down the winding canyon channels, haunting the passage of unknowing travellers. Spirits often have a clear purpose, but no-one really knows what this strange fellow is all about. While he seems mostly kind, he does play an … Continue reading Mysterious Trials

Suzy’s Princess

I know I’m not the prettiest dragon pup, and I doubt I’ll be the prettiest adult dragon. But Suzy seems not to mind, and perhaps that’s all that matters. When I hatched from my particularly lumpy egg for her, I was immediately hers, her baby, her lifelong companion. Others may grimace at my chunky head … Continue reading Suzy’s Princess