Wild, Old

Deep in the wild places, you may find old things. Creatures of worlds now past, carrying the remnants of their lives upon their backs. We’ve seen this one a few times now, and it is always a joy to see her step so gently through the trees, with each step almost silent despite her incredible … Continue reading Wild, Old

Risk Assessment

“Hey, Rocket,” I hear them call across the grass, “you wanna come see that hornet bear by the greenhouses?” Oh man, did I ever. Rumours had spread like wildfire about the beast; a terrible brute with claws to slice through logs, and a stinger to match. We’d planned to find it together, but my kid, … Continue reading Risk Assessment


It’s unusual to see a hill-hog so active in the daytime. They normally only move around at night, finding the best places for sunlight, moisture, and insects. When the sun comes up they tuck their heads and feet away and sleep until the stars shine, then off they amble across the countryside. They’re very mild … Continue reading Hill-hogs

The Giant

A giant walks the sea, they say. Where is it going? What is it looking for? Always walking, always silent, never noticing the boats that pass or the jellies that glow under the moonlight. It is thought to be an ocean spirit of some kind, but none know its origin or its purpose. It simply … Continue reading The Giant

Micro Managing

One can never have too many books, but one can easily have too few bookcases. Even in the new house with a designated library room, the walls were soon stocked floor to ceiling in volumes new and old, until heaps gathered in corners or were styled into tables, onto which more books were piled. Our … Continue reading Micro Managing