It’s unusual to see a hill-hog so active in the daytime. They normally only move around at night, finding the best places for sunlight, moisture, and insects. When the sun comes up they tuck their heads and feet away and sleep until the stars shine, then off they amble across the countryside. They’re very mild … Continue reading Hill-hogs

The Giant

A giant walks the sea, they say. Where is it going? What is it looking for? Always walking, always silent, never noticing the boats that pass or the jellies that glow under the moonlight. It is thought to be an ocean spirit of some kind, but none know its origin or its purpose. It simply … Continue reading The Giant

Micro Managing

One can never have too many books, but one can easily have too few bookcases. Even in the new house with a designated library room, the walls were soon stocked floor to ceiling in volumes new and old, until heaps gathered in corners or were styled into tables, onto which more books were piled. Our … Continue reading Micro Managing


I got it back! The stream didn’t take it too far, and the big moon weighed too much to be carried for long. I couldn’t let it slip away, though, the stone belonged to my witch’s grandmother, and that kind of thing is important. And on warm days like this, a little dip is quite … Continue reading Splash

Tiny Treasures

Please be careful when you spray your veggies - more than bugs may wander the mulch and leaves. These tiny dragons, typically akin to a dormouse in size, are rare sights indeed, often hiding from passing folk. The largest beetle dragon grows to about the size of an human adult’s hand, and is covered in … Continue reading Tiny Treasures


You ever see those knotty patches on a tree, like a boil in the bark? If you look really closely, you might find it’s not a canker at all, but a grunk. Their tough, woody skin helps hide them in the nooks of branches or the twist of roots, where they spend their days quietly … Continue reading Grunks

Wrap Up Warm

Some dragons sleep deep underground when the snows come. Others grow a dense layer of fur between their scales until they resemble shaggy sheep. Dragon wool, while hard to obtain, is the warmest fibre known. Even the crafty elves cannot match it, despite their best efforts. But it is also the heaviest, making it impractical … Continue reading Wrap Up Warm

Small Packages

You need a note delivering as quick as a whippet? I’m your bat! I can cover a hundred miles in a single night and be back with a reply by morning! I’ve been training for years, see. Flying over mountains, through the forests, even through the smoggy elf cities, filling my lungs with dust and … Continue reading Small Packages

Lost to Flame

In a burning grip so tight and ruthless, the anger took me over, eating me alive. The blackened husk of my former life still walks this world’s darkening paths, but it is not me. Not as I was. Flashes of my former self break through the haze in my mind, reminding me of my true … Continue reading Lost to Flame