Ssschool Daysss

For sssome animalsss, being a familiar is easy peasy lemon squeezzzzy. Dogs and stuff, real cuddly, always friendly. For snakessss…. not always so simple.

All animals have place, and purpose. Snake familiar is rare (and very special, of courssse) but what do we DO? This what I teach new snake students.

Familiarsss go to classes too! Did you know? Gotta learn how humans and selkies and dwarves and Pukas work, or how they don’t, sometimesss. How to care for our mage when ill, how to guide them when they lost.

Most yearsss, there no new snakes. This year, we see three! All very pretty, very smart. But snakesss don’t think like human-people. So I teach them how human-people think, and how we help, and how we find our place in their world.

We has to work little harder than a dog or a cat, but we find the flow eventually.

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