For The Glory

Please speak softly around Winston. So many warriors and knights have tried to “vanquish” him over the years, but he’s such a shy thing, so quiet and polite, that none can bring themselves to claim that “glory.”

Thankfully the practice of dragon fighting is fading into antiquity, as it should; dragons have long since proven themselves as the peacekeepers in the arrangement. Bonds with mages have shown dragons to be wonderful companions and allies (though not as much as dogs, I say, we’ll always be the best friend a mage can have.)

Gloria and I come down here every day to check on Winston. We keep him up to date on gossip and we check on anything that might be worrying him – some campers nearby, another dragon in the area, or perhaps a strange smell on the wind. Some days he comes to sit with us on the grass, others not. But the days he joins us are growing more common, and that is a good thing.

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