Not A Curio

Did you really just stick me in a jar? Really? Actually really? You really did that? You really thought it was logical to just… jam me in some glassware? Who does that? Honestly, who? In this day and age?

I’m just minding my own business, walking through the grass, then whoosh! I’m behind glass, being gawped at by some dumb human! What, you’ve never seen a pixie before? I thought you mages were supposed to be all educated and clever, but I guess not.

Look, are gonna let me out or not? It’s not like I’m yours for the taking. What if a bigger human put you in a jar and put you on a shelf of curios? No doubt you’d be pretty riled up, too.

Right, that’s it, you had your chance. I’m gonna wait until your asleep, bust myself out, then steal all your teeth. It seems only fair.

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