Loched At The Heart

Hi! Have you met Leah? She’s my best friend!

She found my purse (that’s what we sharks call an egg) in the loch near where she lives, but she was only little, she didn’t understand. Something told her to take me home, so she put me in a bucket and kept me secret under her bed. In the middle of the night I wriggled free into my tiny metal pond, scared and alone, until this cheery face peered down at me.

Her parents were afraid of me. They threw me back into the loch, calling an end to it. But I waited. And waited. And waited.

And she came back, like I always knew she would. Every day, without fail, she comes back, and we cruise around the loch exploring the bays and pools and all the secret places.

Many say we’re complete opposites of one another, but I think we’re like peas in a pod. It’s strange, to me, that my character is not judged on my actions, but on how many teeth line my jaws.

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