Highgrim Woods

“Lost, are we?”

My three day journey through Highgrim Woods has remained utterly silent thus far. The voice near jolts me from my skin; I look around, but the path I walk remains mine alone.

“Up here.”

I gaze upwards into the dark trees. Amber eyes shine back between the dancing leaves. A mischief shines in them, dashing to and fro with the dappled shade.

“Are you lost?” the creature asks again, a ring of humour in its soft voice.

I answer, “No, friend, only wandering. I’ll reach my destination at my own pace.”

The creature smiles a soft smile, hiding ideas. “Very good. Then I wish you a… pleasant journey.” It blinks. “Do be careful. More than wanderers walk these paths, where even beasts like I dare to tread.”

After a nod of thanks I carry on, but when I look back a few paces later, I see nothing but leaves and branches.

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