Rhymewood’s spirit is more tree than doe. She guards the glowing pools deep in the heart of the forest, which shine as if bathed in the light of the setting sun. Rarely moving, she merely stares. If approached, she may drift an eye sideways to study you, but little truly distracts her.

You may request to drink the water, and she commonly grants this with a simple nod of her head. If you try to take the water of the pools without her blessing, however… Be warned, her agile leaps and blinding speed can strike without warning.

So far, none can ascertain the powers of the water – it must have some, or else why would she guard it? But perhaps the water is powerless to the mortals of this, affecting only spirits themselves?

Most travellers leave Rhymewood be, for the most part. The doe’s eerie silence and rooted stance make her a frightening guardian to many humble walkers.

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