Second Chances

In the blink of an eye, it happened. One blink, and the monster we battled went from a fading, moaning shadow to a burst of fangs and claws. The rest was… abrupt. The creature fled, and our companions came rushing, but there was not much to be done.

Not that any of this has stopped Vince, of course. As soon as he was up and about he was already talking about hunting the monster again. “It’s hurts too many people, now,” he says whenever it comes up. I always growl at him about it, but I know I can’t stop him.

So I must do what I can, which is be supportive. Now he needs to learn his magic again with his left hand. It’s trouble enough learning with your dominant hand, to start again was frustrating for him, to say the least. He’s getting there, but I can rest easy for a while knowing he’s not adept enough to go after the monster…


And when we do go after it, I shall turn my own fangs and claws upon it without a thought.

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