It won’t look at you. Don’t be offended, it doesn’t look at anyone. It’s as if, perhaps, it can’t. It sees the trees and the flowers and the birds and the clouds in the sky, but even if you stand yourself in front of it, its sharp eyes seem to look right through you, as … Continue reading Oblivious

Ssschool Daysss

For sssome animalsss, being a familiar is easy peasy lemon squeezzzzy. Dogs and stuff, real cuddly, always friendly. For snakessss.... not always so simple. All animals have place, and purpose. Snake familiar is rare (and very special, of courssse) but what do we DO? This what I teach new snake students. Familiarsss go to classes … Continue reading Ssschool Daysss

For The Glory

Please speak softly around Winston. So many warriors and knights have tried to “vanquish” him over the years, but he’s such a shy thing, so quiet and polite, that none can bring themselves to claim that “glory.” Thankfully the practice of dragon fighting is fading into antiquity, as it should; dragons have long since proven … Continue reading For The Glory


I know, I know. I shouldn’t have set the projector screen on fire, but that’s what happens when you shine a giant spider onto the wall in front of an arachnophobic dragon. Am I really to blame? I was just defending myself. Okay, yes, poor Susan’s hair might be a little... shorter now, and Richie’s … Continue reading Knee-Jerk

Not A Curio

Did you really just stick me in a jar? Really? Actually really? You really did that? You really thought it was logical to just... jam me in some glassware? Who does that? Honestly, who? In this day and age? I’m just minding my own business, walking through the grass, then whoosh! I’m behind glass, being … Continue reading Not A Curio

Time For Thought

With the summer sun on your back, a cool breeze in your wings, and an afternoon with nothing to do, the mind has all the peace and quiet required to ponder. A dragon like me spends its life free in the sky, soaring wherever the wind takes us. We loop and spiral, dive and soar, … Continue reading Time For Thought


Oh! A wading gryphon! How unusual, and delightful! You can see all kinds of creatures out on the marshes. Gas dragons, bogfae, Ambling Tussocks... Things might be harder to see in the reeds and sodden ground, but the slow pace of life means you and the creatures become well acquainted. You may spend many an … Continue reading Marshes

Wild, Old

Deep in the wild places, you may find old things. Creatures of worlds now past, carrying the remnants of their lives upon their backs. We’ve seen this one a few times now, and it is always a joy to see her step so gently through the trees, with each step almost silent despite her incredible … Continue reading Wild, Old

Risk Assessment

“Hey, Rocket,” I hear them call across the grass, “you wanna come see that hornet bear by the greenhouses?” Oh man, did I ever. Rumours had spread like wildfire about the beast; a terrible brute with claws to slice through logs, and a stinger to match. We’d planned to find it together, but my kid, … Continue reading Risk Assessment