Flight Lessons

So my first attempts at flying did not go so well. It’s hard! I’m all legs and hooves and then I have to think about my wings and tail and ugh. Just ugh.

But I gotta learn to fly sometime. When I’m older I’ll be big enough to carry all kinds of folk on my back. I don’t wanna drop anyone, or crash. I certainly don’t want to crash onto anyone I’ve dropped.

Lots of the mages here have tried to help us foals with their wind magic. I get on best with Hugh – he acts all cool and blasé but I think he enjoys my pranks. I get really excited to see him, like… like I’m gonna have a good day ahead. And he always scratches along my mane and then complains about how messy it is… there’s no better way to start a flying class.

And it kinda… hurts, when the class is done. No, not hurt. Ache. I know the classes must end one day, but I dread it.

A familiar? No, I don’t think he has one. Why do you ask?

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