I know these aren’t mine. Not mine by birth. But they ARE mine, now. Where their true mother is, we’ll never know, but after two days untended in a messy nest, I could not leave them any longer.

Swifttail likes sleeping, she’s a good girl. And Shadow likes to sit in the sun and stare at the birds. Thunder is a cuddly thing, so soft and demanding, but who can resist his little face? But Snowpaw… little Snowpaw. She’s ferocious.

It’s admirable. Almost… gryphon-like. I know I must treat them all equally, but it is hard when one is so different from the rest. They’re all cute in their own way, but it is exceptionally adorable to watch her practice to hunt.

She has quite the bite on her already! She almost took my talon off the other day. I couldn’t have been more proud.

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