Fortune shone upon me the day I met with Phil. You wouldn’t know it, to look at him, but he’s the youngest prince of the islands west of here. He wears no fancy armour and carries no finery at his own insistence – if others make fine lives without these things then he would do so, too.

He’s the only mage in his entire family, going back as far as records allow. Something about him caught the eye of Nature or one of her spirits, and we were brought together for some purpose. That purpose still eludes us but we search far and wide, offering assistance where we may. More often than not I am greeted by screams, but I’ve come to find it amusing.

Despite the wishes of his family for us to stay… discreet, the battle with the Cliff Cruncher has earned us a reputation, and a few scars to talk about. To be expected; the daft brute was blindly devouring a small port town, breaking it all apart with claws and jaws. We had to drive it off to the wild cliffs to the north. It meandered off unharmed, of course, while my poor snout got a few sharp rocks thrown at it…

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