Pen Pals

For yearsss now, every second Friday, I writes to my pen pal, Missssssy. She’s a snake too, keeps newspapersss for a Puka library, far away. I learn of her from student, so I writes to her and she writes to me.

Isss nice to know you not alone, you know? Being who I am is great, and I loves being me, but some folksss say I’m odd, or scary, or… grossssss.

But Missy like me. She learn to write and to read and to speak. We met snoot to snoot a year or so ago at a book fair, no one else there was like us. Only one other animal, a dog. He was okay. Bit too fluffy for me. But Missssssy and I, we best friends now, and we tell each other everything. But what to say this time? Very little happen here, is study time and students mostly quiet.


I could tell her of the seal-Selkies sliding weeeeee over courtyard on the ice. I think they racing, until one crash through window into teacher lounge. Was okay, but very in trouble.

We do write to Humphrey the dog, too, but he much slower to reply. I don’t think his paws hold pens and quills too good… But is nice to hear from him.

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