Wild Child

This is my kid, Mim. I found her a few years back. Seems her parents left her in the woods by the Oak Spirit’s tree, for whatever unfathomable reason. Oak wanted to find her a human family, but I believed she would thrive in the forest, and thrive she has.

Humans were keen enough to leave her once, I did not trust them to not abandon her again. Here in the forest there are a hundred eyes to watch her, a thousand teeth to defend her, and uncountable hearts to adore her. Her life may not be conventional, but it is good, and safe, and loving.

She plays with fox cubs, runs with the deer, flies high above it all on my back. She gathers stores with the squirrels, digs with the badgers, sings with the wolves.

One day she’ll go back to her own kind, but only when she can make that choice herself. Already she watches the other humans as they pass through the woods, especially if they have kids. One day, she may just walk out with one such family, and our job here will be done.

My heart will break, no doubt, but in a good way. I will heal.

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