Learning Under Pressure

The deepest depths hold some of the greatest secrets. We’re lucky, Lynn and I, that we get to see these sights at all.

It takes a lot of training for a selkie to come this deep. It’s easy for a sea dragon like me, I’m born to this water world, but the pressure used to be a problem for my girl. After a lot of searching she found the spells to protect her, and now we enjoy long days deep beneath the waves, where the waters are so still you almost forget they’re there at all.

Oh hey, an octopus. They’re weird things, aren’t they? I got one tangled in my whiskers once, that wasn’t fun.

And look, treasure! Looks like we found some lost loot! If these are worth anything, perhaps we can buy our own boat. A red one, with a dragon flag on it. That way I wouldn’t have to curl up on deck on my own overnight anymore… Lynn’s parents’ vessel is a little snug for me…

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