On Drakes

If you learn to mimic the whistling call of Golden Lily-lurking drakes, you maybe able to call one up to the surface.

Some call drakes “lesser dragons,” but that is unfair, for while the two are similar in likeness, their relationship is more like that of cousins that of siblings. Drakes and dragons may have been one and the same, long ago, but something changed, and the two went their separate ways.

They still share some quirks, however. Both cover wide arrays of terrain and habitat, and both have at least some rudimentary control of magic, notably the element that beat suits their hunting style.

While dragons make unusual familiars and are considered signs of success in a young mage, history has no records of a drake familiar. For whatever reason, they seem too wild to bond with others.

A pity, as Golden Lily-lurking Drakes are rather cute.

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