The Steppe Gryffolk are an unusual sort. Some believe them a link between gryphons and birds, but the gryffolk seem too much like people, to my mind. They walk, they talk, they craft tools and jewels, and sometimes weapons and armour, too, though they’re typically peaceful. But that doesn’t mean all are peaceful in turn. But with strong wings and open plains to soar over, the gryffolk have few concerns.

Some have a flair for magic over wind, but Nature does not bless them with her magic as she does the mages. It seems an inherent thing, an extension of their flight, perhaps.

If you’re lucky, you may stumble upon a village, its houses hidden in plain sight in the form of tough grass clumps. Little windmills may dot the surrounding steppes, powering wells and mills. Sometimes, friendly travellers are asked to assist in harder tasks such as lifting or digging, but are rewarded with fine bands of gold and silver in exchange.

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