Leah’s mummy says we’re too little to go on adventures outside, so we make our own inside instead. You wanna play?

The Kingdom of Gryphonia is being attacked! Monsters keep stealing all the sheep and cows, but we gonna get all the best knights and gryphoons (that’s like a dragoon but MUCH better) on them. The princess (that’s Leah) is gonna fight the evil boss monster with her super special magic, but we gotta get her past the Terrible Monster to the north, first.

After that, we gotta get back to the castle real quick for tea, ‘cos the Queen (that’s Leah’s mummy) is making casserole and we can’t miss that. Then we can ask the King (Leah’s dad) for more paper so we can make an even bigger map!

I didn’t realise how hard it was to be royalty… I’m already gettin’ sleepy…

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