“Almost there, my little Lady.” There’s a worry clasping at my boy’s words, leaving them to creak through its grasping fingers. I mewl back softly, trying to sound calm, but it feels as though a bird flutters in my belly, fighting to escape. It’s been three years since Lad returned home. His previous visit did … Continue reading Return


Sometimes, in the cool red days of autumn, you may catch a glimpse of the darting Woodwyrm. In summer their scales shine in greens and golds, making them almost invisible to any watching eyes. Their fall colours can often work equally as well, especially on days of bright sunshine. But you are far more likely … Continue reading Woodwyrms


I know these aren’t mine. Not mine by birth. But they ARE mine, now. Where their true mother is, we’ll never know, but after two days untended in a messy nest, I could not leave them any longer. Swifttail likes sleeping, she’s a good girl. And Shadow likes to sit in the sun and stare … Continue reading Ferocious

Mellow Vibes

Too much studying. Too much reading. Too much practicing. For Marty, learning magic was all he ever wanted. And good grief, he puts so much effort in, he surely has to pass with flying colours! But always he seems to struggle, no matter how hard he tries. The words mix up, the numbers dance and … Continue reading Mellow Vibes

Fun and Games

Deep in the tall grasses and thick leaves of wildflowers live the tiny faerie folk. Some are large enough to be mistaken for a child’s doll, while others are so small as to be almost invisible to the average eye. Fashioning clothes from what they find, most resemble leaves or flowers. Some choose feathers or … Continue reading Fun and Games


A real light twinkles in old Gus’ eyes when he watches his grandson. Magic in dwarves tends to run in families, but it looked to have skipped the previous generation. The day little Markus found his magic was a new beginning for Gus in his retirement, and an apprenticeship of sorts was begun. Markus and … Continue reading Bumbleshrooms


Fortune shone upon me the day I met with Phil. You wouldn’t know it, to look at him, but he’s the youngest prince of the islands west of here. He wears no fancy armour and carries no finery at his own insistence - if others make fine lives without these things then he would do … Continue reading Purpose

Grabby Hands

Apparently, I cannot be trusted. So I get a little giddy when I see something shiny, is it really such a big deal? Gems, jewels, gold, silver... shiny things make me happy. Okay, so perhaps I was a little overeager when I tried to get that gold necklace from the lady, but she made far … Continue reading Grabby Hands


How they laughed. How they taunted. A goldfish familiar? How preposterous. How silly. How... useless. What can a little fish possibly teach a mage? But my boy Dean saw only possibilities, and look at us now. Effortless masters of watercraft, able to control the seas with a word, ice with a thought, storms with a … Continue reading Golden