Dream Time

I’ve got... memory troubles. I go somewhere new and all is fine and dandy, all is exciting and enjoyable, but after it a few hours and it just... slips away. I remember bits. I remember if it was high up, or if it was cold. But was it dry scrub on that mountain, or grass? … Continue reading Dream Time


I snort an irate jet of flame. “Rest? You gotta be kidding, right? Where’s the fun in sitting around inside all day? The boredom hurts more than my sprained claw.” “You’re lucky it was just a sprain! To take on a troll of that size...” The nurse rolls her eyes, shaking her head. “Petra, make … Continue reading Fighter

Cheese, Please

Oh, you’ve never seen my kind before, have you? Few have. We cragfoxes live in the deepest dwarf gardens, feeding on insects and frogs and mice and other yummy things... but even then, few dwarves ever see us. We’re shy things, usually, a remnant of an old world now lost to time and change. The … Continue reading Cheese, Please

A Long Search

We met later than most do. Louie was an apprentice baker, hidden away in the back of the bakery, always knowing something else was calling him away. Like many folks from small towns, his humble reality kept him chained to routine and safety. He had no idea of his own skill and magic. I, however, … Continue reading A Long Search


Dawn and dusk are the perfect time to spy the crystures. The magic stored in old gemstones can find its way into all sorts of life, imbuing it with odd properties. As gemstone’s stores and energies can be reset or changed by exposure to moonlight and daylight, it is doubtful a crysture would be seen … Continue reading Crystures

Howling Winds

When the winter winds howl like lonely wolves high in the mountain, you may well be hearing a snow spirit. Mostly they wander alone in the sky, but sometimes they sink with the flakes to earth, and seek some harmless company. Sometimes they run as deer, or caribou. Other times, rabbits or hares. But often, … Continue reading Howling Winds

Just You Wait

Isn’t he cute? So cute. What an absolute darling. A treasure. Precious. Oh yeah? You wait and see. Just you wait. Call me any more sugary names and I’m gonna eat your shoes. Maybe with your feet still in them, we’ll see. I’m a dragon, I’m not cute! I’m a great and powerful miracle of … Continue reading Just You Wait