You’ll play with me? Yaaay, yaaaay!

You wait here, I’ll go hide. If you find me before the bell rings at noon, I’ll tell you about the shortcut to the garrison.

Nobody EVER plays with me around here. It’s all march, march, march up to the garrison. Maybe warriors have a different kind of fun, but it’s not MY kind of fun.

And there’s no-one else like me around. Some men in pointy hats took me away in a bag of stinky things, and trapped me in a room of bottles and jars. It was nasty! I got free, but now I gotta walk home for such a long time.

Mages? I don’t think so. Mages look after nature, don’t they? These men didn’t look after me. Very rude, they were. Can mages be… not nice?

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