Calm Seas, Calm Hearts

Big eyes, kind smiles, the Selkies are a mellow people. What anger could ever lie in the hearts of the sea folk, when all their days are spent roaming wild under sun and stars on wide, changing seas? They craft love into their work, be it metalwork, sculpture, even their world famous knitwear.

That mellow attitude is what saved me. If I’d been found aboard any human or puka ship, I would not have lasted long. But Telle’s gentle hands cupped me safely and hid me away in her room. When, a few days later, an ocean spirit chose her for a storm-tossed driftwood wand, we came to know each other a little better, as mage and familiar.

I am a very lucky rat, methinks.

And look, she made me a collar! Fancy. Red really brings out my fur, don’t you think?

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