Lost to Time

There was a time before ours, long ago. No-one knows much about it, but hints of it can be found here and there throughout the wilderness.

It’s believed to be a time before familiars, before the choosing of mages and Nature’s gifting of magic. Dragons and gryphons are often depicted as wild or even as aggressors; quite different to the bonds that join all the creatures and peoples these days.

I wonder if we’ll ever know what that time was like. Old bones turned to stone tell us of the strange creatures now lost. The buildings were all large, twice the scale or more of most dwellings now. Were all the people-folk giant like the elves? Or did the elves live amongst the other races, not hidden in their cold, metal cities like they are now?

And how many worlds have passed? How many times has the world changed, and how many times will it change again?

I wish I could see them all.

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