Pendal Drakes

The flame of Pendal Drakes burns as hot as a true dragon’s breath. It is thought the drake’s fire shifted to their backs as a form of language across dark caverns, leaving their mouths free to vocalise.

They have little control over their flame, however. It is constant, feeding on an oil secreted from glands on their back – lots of fish or insects leads to lots of flame. A flameless drake is a very ill drake. Do not approach, for it may still be hot enough to cause serious harm.

Beyond that, not a lot is known about them. The drakes remain in the dark crevices and upland slopes around volcanoes for most of their lives, feeding on anything they can clamp their jaws around. And yes, that includes unwary wanderers.

Although, with all that light and the sound of crackling flame, they rarely make surprise attacks.

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