Caster the Sky-Tamer

Behold, for it is I! The mightiest and most noble of all magical beasts, the glorious, individual, beautiful unidonk!

News of my glory travels far and wide. The Raging Storm, some call me. Others, The Dash. You may call me Caster the Sky-Tamer.

… Just storms? Excuse me, I’d like to see you control a tempest. A hurricane? Even just a spring shower, can you do that? Because Caster the Sky-Tamer can.

I travel these long roads with nothing but my cape and hat, working my powers as customers ask of me. My fee? As many carrots and turnips as they dare give me. Try me. I can eat them all.

I have only one wish, in regards to my skills. How I wish I could speak aloud, rather than having to hee-haw my point across. My intentions may well be understood with a little pantomime, but it’s far from dignified.

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