Cheese, Please

Oh, you’ve never seen my kind before, have you? Few have.

We cragfoxes live in the deepest dwarf gardens, feeding on insects and frogs and mice and other yummy things… but even then, few dwarves ever see us. We’re shy things, usually, a remnant of an old world now lost to time and change. The low gardens shelter us and others like us, and the dwarves are very accommodating.

Although not normal for my kind, travelling with Milo is great. I especially enjoy the looks of surprise on the faces of men and Selkies, especially. Pukas often think I’m a prankster. With the few elves I’ve met, they often don’t notice anything unusual. But as most of the elf-folk can’t (or more won’t) see the differences between a duck and a goose, I can hardly expect special treatment.

Are we special? Not really. Not any more than a duck, or a goose, or a swan. But I am partial to a little fuss and affection. And cheese. Cheese is always welcome.

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