Just You Wait

Isn’t he cute? So cute. What an absolute darling. A treasure. Precious.

Oh yeah? You wait and see. Just you wait. Call me any more sugary names and I’m gonna eat your shoes. Maybe with your feet still in them, we’ll see.

I’m a dragon, I’m not cute! I’m a great and powerful miracle of nature, with teeth to crush stone and wings to cut the wind…

When I grow up, sure, but one day, mark my words, I’m gonna be so big and dazzling that you’ll faint in awe at the sheer size of me, remarking upon my glorious gold scales as you drift to the ground. Crowds of all men-folk will part, flowers will be thrown at my passing feet, while other dragons look away, too blinded by my majesty.

One day, I won’t be cute anymore. One day.

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